Why Relationships Are a Much Better Deal for Men

Many men (and women) have cold feet about committing to marriage or a long-term partnership. The men worry about turning into pot-bellied suburban dads taking out the trash and cleaning vomit-stained minivan backseats. They may fear that they’ll envy their single friends and miss out on trips to Las Vegas. And then there’s the supposedly gathering data suggesting that testosterone declines after parenthood. Is marriage effectively the end of manhood?

Hold on, guys: What does the data actually say? Just the opposite!

Marriage benefits men—and more so than it does women—in numerous different ways.

Research shows that happily married men:

  • Are healthier overall.
  • Live longer—in fact, one study showed that having a partner in middle age is protective against premature death.
  • Show improved cancer outcomes.
  • Have better heart health.
  • Are less likely to engage in risky or unlawful behavior.
  • … and even have stronger bones.

Why and how is marriage

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How Sexual Rejection Really Impacts Relationships

You’re at home. You’re feeling relaxed. You’ve had a great day. And you’re in the mood to make love. You turn on some music and pour two glasses of wine. Your partner comes home and you think, “Let’s get it on.” You give your partner a kiss and suggest going to the bedroom. But he or she pulls away. You quickly notice your partner is cranky; they tell you they had a long day and are exhausted—far too tired to even think about having sex. But thanks for the drink!

Most women I talk to would describe feeling a bit (and sometimes very) hurt if they were the sexual initiator in this scenario. But we tend to think that sexual rejection doesn’t hurt men as much. This is based, at least in part, on two assumptions: The first is related to Masculinity Theory1,2, which proposes that men desire sex for …

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