How to use sex toys as a pro

Sex toys are considered still as a mainly female affair. Though the picture of the flesh-colored, medium-sized, vibrator, as it was normal in bedrooms for centuries, has now gone from most heads. The new image, however, is dominated by dildos and vibrators in bright pink or studded with sparkling rhinestones, but sex toys for men are still few.

In fact, manufacturers of erotic toys have long since discovered men as an interesting target group. Sure, these toys are less cute and are often available in black or silver but which toys are actually fine and why should man try them?

Anal toys: Not Only Interesting for Women and Gays

Many heterosexual men still postulate, “My ass stays virgin!” They miss an extremely attractive form of stimulation. Most men who have tried the passive anal intercourse, but are totally thrilled: The back door is interspersed with so many nerves that …

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