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For some, it’s the french kiss that makes Frenchman dating so appealing. For some, it’s their looks. But what makes your heart skip a beat when you think about the reasons to date a Frenchman?


When you are dating, it’s important to have diversity. Sometimes, guys in your city have the same traits and characteristics that you might not like. Women get tired of having the same experience, going on the same dates but with different faces.


French dating is getting popular for many reasons. It might be because of stereotypes, but there might be something else there. Here’s why it’s better to date a Frenchman compared to the guys in your city.

Bonjour Mademoiselle

First things first, nice and slow is the kind of love that most women crave for and French men are experts at ‘taking it slow.’ French men are never in a rush to do anything. That is why you will never see a French man on the street with a cup of coffee. Also, you will never see a French man with a doggie bag. These guys know how to enjoy themselves, whether it’s food, wine, or love.


They like to take everything slowly. To them, perfect conversations, great food, and drinks deserve ample time and should never be distracted. Also, Frenchmen don’t slut-chase women. They simply don’t have the complex of conquering hundreds of women for their own pleasure. They love women just the way they are.


French people don’t care about the three-date rule that most Americans have. They don’t care if you have sex on the first or twentieth date, as long as there’s chemistry. Most women will die for such characteristics in men, and that is why French dating is the best.

Passionate and Romantic

The French, oh the French. Fine wine merchants. Cheese experts. They are more than just romantic. They consider seduction to be a game and a natural part of the process of making love. It is both anticipated and well appreciated.


Couples all around the globe fantasize about spending romantic weekends in Paris. The French, on the other hand, are in Paris wherever they go because they invented romance. It’s ingrained in their culture. They have a word for it: “dîner en tête-à-tête,” which implies a romantic supper, which even long-term couples are expected to perform on a regular basis.


A Frenchman doesn’t require instruction on how to dress, prepare the table, or select a bottle of wine. He has an innate understanding of such subjects, and you’d be wise to delegate these judgments to him.


French guys are also enthusiastic about whatever they are talking about, which is generally cuisine, wine, or sex, occasionally all three at the same moment!

They Know How to Slow Down

When it comes to dating, some guys from different cultures move far too quickly. The majority of the time, Frenchmen prefer to remain in the present moment rather than worry about the future.


French males don’t plan dates in advance. They just send you a short message at the last minute, so you must be flexible if you’re into Frenchmen. They are known for their ability to adapt to changing circumstances.


You’ll have to take it easy. He enjoys taking his time with meals. If you go for a walk together, it will be full of stops to admire the scenery from a bridge.


Marriage is not required to live together or start a family in France. Many couples live together for decades with no plans to marry. In addition, men and women can have dinner dates as friends in France. It does not mean that they have romantic feelings for each other. 

Carries Old-Fashioned Ways

Women who like conventional dating methods should be paired with a French man since they may have similar interests. Despite their trendy appearance, Frenchmen are basic and down-to-earth. In general, they have a strong sense of style.


A French man’s personal style is quite consistent, and he has a wardrobe full of variants on the same clothing. When it comes to the roles of couples in dating, France is far more conventional. Men are perceived to be significantly more active in their pursuit of women. When you are with a Frenchman, you don’t have to fake your beauty, either. They like your natural attractiveness, flaws and all. 


Most guys believe that a man’s money attracts women. No, it does not. Women are drawn to him because of how he utilizes his riches to weave a spell. Money is not given as a present by Frenchmen. They’ll give gifts in the form of flowers or boxes of chocolates as a surprise to their partners.

Appreciates Art and Music

French culture reflects a respect for the arts, music, and gastronomy, which some women find extremely appealing. French songs are suitable for many moods. France is the cradle of several cultural and social movements, as well as a rich musical legacy.


Since French love songs are fantastic for any occasion, Frenchmen use them to captivate their partner as well as get inspiration. Whether you prefer older or modern music, a Frenchman will find a perfect love song for you.


Painting, sculpture, music, dance, architecture, photography, and cinema are all flourishing thanks to the state backing in France.

What Makes Them Different?

You may be courting for weeks before most guys ask you to date them, and you’ll be recognized as boyfriend and girlfriend to everyone else.


When you go on a date with a French man, keep in mind that you are significant to him and that he most likely already feels you two are in a relationship.


While most guys are jealous when they see their partner hanging out with a guy, Frenchmen will never judge their girlfriends for spending time with their friends, no matter if they’re male or female.


Regardless of how busy they are, Frenchmen prioritize relationships. They realize how much attention ladies require and do their best to provide it.