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Grumpy Frenchman’s is a site founded in 2018 by a couple of French nationals that writes about relationships, taboos, and intimacy. Our approach to couple’s marriage counseling includes family systems training, gestalt therapy, including our personal background of yoga, meditation, tantra, and recently equine-facilitated psychotherapy. We are non-sectarian in our approach but informed by our spiritual lives, as well as our own personal growth.


Even though we have had several amounts of training, degrees, and clinical experience, we are still growing toward being fully alive individuals. Our relationship work is based on our personal experimentation and practice throughout a 35-year friendship and 27-year marriage.


We promise you a safe, opening, and transformative reading experience in which to learn and practice the relational skills we share with you. We also promise that in our blogs together we will show up authentically and honestly as real people working on our own relationship.

Remember, intimacy knows no age.