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African women use advice apps to improve sexual relationships rather than health

Rather than using apps to seek health information, 20 per cent of African women use them to please their partners, writes Laura Owings. As Ruth Nabembezi, a 25-year-old social entrepreneur, was growing up in an orphanage in Uganda, she became increasingly frustrated about the lack of sex education for African women.

History of Sexually Transmitted Disease

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) have been known to mankind for centuries. Before the advent of modern medicine, people’s lack of awareness and understanding of STDs contributed to the widespread transmission of the infections while few or no treatments were available to treat the conditions.

Canoodling and cannelloni: How after-dinner sex became a viral conversation

Imagine you’re on a date. You’ve spent the last two hours talking softly, laughing seductively, and trading anecdotes about your respective wacky aunts. It’s at this point (roughly three-quarters of a bottle of wine in) that you realise sex is on the cards. But there’s a problem: you’re full.

The art of living without sex

I am folding plastic bags into small triangles. I take out all the old stuff from dark wardrobes and forgotten pantries. I fold the clothes into neat bundles and pour food into transparent plastic containers on to which I paste dymo labels. I stop going out and start baking bread and planting flowers.

Life’s too short: 8 Signs it’s time to end a relationship

Breakups are notoriously difficult, with researchers saying they can be comparable to overcoming an addiction or mourning a death, but knowing when to pull the plug can be a whole challenge in and of itself.

Paloma Faith says life-long relationships aren’t that easy or that natural

Paloma Faith has served up some wise words on long-term relationships, questioning whether they are natural or a “societal expectation”. In an interview with London-based Overdue Magazine, the singer, songwriter and actress outlined the challenges when it comes to staying with one partner for your whole life.

Sex, love and COVID-19: Tips on staying close from Bay Area sex expert

For some people, sex is the last thing they want to think about when dealing with the crush of uncertainty that comes from living through a pandemic. But for others, fears about financial ruin, sickness or even death may drive them to want an intimate connection with another human being.