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I know you don’t know me and convinced you have heard much about me as much as I have heard about you. I wanted to thank you for helping Sabrina overcomes her post natal depression and giving me my wife back. I have known her for 10 years and have never seen her happy like this. Bless you!

John, 37, Business man, husband of a client, Brisbane, Australia



I appreciate the time you have dedicated to myself and my lovely wife you have definitely giving us the strength to understand a lot more about ourselves as well as others. It must feel good to have the ability to change peoples mind sets to a state of well being and happiness- I know I would.

I would really like to thank you for reminding us that we will always love each other no matter what obstacles are in our way and that we make a great team.(Thank to my darling wife)

I wish you and your family happy year

Aaron White


My partner and I  both are aware of how different we are and most of the time are able to appreciate these differences. We discuss things more now then we ever did before life coaching.  I don’t hold back any feelings that I might have but I am more careful of how I tell him about my feelings. I realize that he doesn’t always understand the way I feel and I am comfortable with a that now.

I feel great and It means that I forgot about the past as much as possible and started looking forward to spending my present and future with him.

Amanda Toyoura, Lecturer, Yokohama, Japan, 31 years old


The workshop triggered emotional and issues which I realized I should I address because it effects me. I loved the communication styles and being positive, the focus feeding the right wolf. I liked the examples.  I liked the theory and the research. I would  tell  my friends who lack positivity with family to go and do the program as soon as possible.

Sajeda Singh, Ipswich Workshop, Good Sams Project


I personally believe this talk is one that every college man and woman needs to hear.

University of Colorado Student


Jesse’s presentation is relevant, powerful, and thought provoking. CATFACS members strongly support Jesse’s critical work and message in building strong healthy relationships. He is a tremendous resource to teachers and students.

Michelle Koch, CATFACS President