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Sex toys are considered still as a mainly female affair. Though the picture of the flesh-colored, medium-sized, vibrator, as it was normal in bedrooms for centuries, has now gone from most heads. The new image, however, is dominated by dildos and vibrators in bright pink or studded with sparkling rhinestones, but sex toys for men are still few.

In fact, manufacturers of erotic toys have long since discovered men as an interesting target group. Sure, these toys are less cute and are often available in black or silver but which toys are actually fine and why should man try them?

Anal toys: Not Only Interesting for Women and Gays

Many heterosexual men still postulate, “My ass stays virgin!” They miss an extremely attractive form of stimulation. Most men who have tried the passive anal intercourse, but are totally thrilled: The back door is interspersed with so many nerves that the anal stimulation leaves you hardly cold. And unlike women, the men have a prostate that can be stimulated – and that’s rectally very excellent. Of course, for heterosexual men, sex with another man is hardly an option. But there are many anal toys for backdoor games to choose from, usually plugs loved by Jaipur angels.


The classic sex toy has long been reinterpreted for the men’s world. It is usually very elegant in form and appearance, but also has a sturdy handle for anal stimulation. This facilitates insertion, retention and withdrawal. Vibrators are available in almost any size, but for starters, try a smaller version. For prostate massage, these anal vibrators are also excellent.


A plug is a toy for your back door, which is not moved after insertion. Due to its very special shape, it penetrates a few inches into you, while its outer end remains outside of your sphincter. Many of these sex toys for men are therefore drop-shaped or remind of the spades from the card game. The material you can choose from rubber, glass or metal. Depending on the size and texture you can even wear the plug for several hours. No one else will notice you, but you will be stimulated permanently. In case you know how to use a flesh light you can enjoy more.


If the movement or buzzing of a vibrator bothers you, an anal dildo could be just the right alternative for you. This toy works without any technology and batteries. Whether glass, rubber, metal, gemstone or even wood, here the toy designers know no bounds. Smaller dildos usually have a sturdy handle, while the larger variants are sometimes equipped with a squeegee. So you can fix your dildo easily on a smooth surface, before you start with a special kind of riding lesson. But please do not let yourself be confused by images from pornography, because the huge parts used there are completely unsuitable for beginners – if you like, but you can train your backdoor accordingly over time. By the way: If you dildo play a special slip (“Jock Strap “), you will not be in the way of dangling your best pieces.


In principle, these sex toys for men are also anal toys, but with a twist: a strap on makes it possible for you to swap roles with your partner. This toy is a dildo or vibrator that a woman can strap on. Some models are not pure sex toys for men, because they have dildos on both sides. As she penetrates you anal, she is also stimulated herself. A big advantage is that you can love each other in this way for hours, while the “normal” sex is finished at the latest with your ejaculation.

Often, the game with the strap-on is also operated in the BDSM area, which then usually really big caliber used. Ultimately, however, it is completely up to you to decide what you make of it. It takes a lot of empathy and openness to really enjoy the game with the strap on, but that’s what makes it all the better.

Cock ring

These are metal or rubber rings that you push through your penis and testicles. This not only provides a very stimulating feeling, but also a certain amount of congestion, which has a potential to prolong your life. And what could be nicer than popping really long and intense?


These sex toys for men are also known under the name “Travel Pussy “: A soft tube, usually made of latex or jelly material, is waiting here only for the visit of your best friend. Depending on the model, it actually feels like a female scabbard and allows you wonderful highlights. If you decide to use a vibrating masturbator, it will give you a head start on this point.

Penis Pumps

Do you like oral sex? Do you love it when not only licked and nibbled on your penis, but also strongly sucked? Then you should take a closer look at penis pumps! Even with these sex toys for men, you put your penis in a tube in which you can then create a vacuum with a pump. That’s a really good feeling and makes for an almost rock hard erection that you can permanently enlarge your penis in this way, but belongs to the realm of fairy tales.

Lubricate & co

In anal sex, lubrication is indispensable because it is not as slippery environment as it is the case with a female vagina. But that’s not all: many oils serve as lubricants as well as lubricants for a massage, have a stimulating scent, or delay orgasm. And if you decide for a lubricant with taste, your imagination is almost limitless.

Love Dolls

Maybe these sex toys for men have in mind the almost life-size, inflatable plastic dolls that somehow remind you of an air mattress. There are love dolls but also in very high quality, almost lifelike execution. Even with the cheapest love dolls you can actually have a lot of fun. You do not believe that? Try it!

Ball Stretcher

Often Ball Stretcher is equated with cock rings and the effect is actually similar. This toy is strapped to the testicles so that they stand out very clearly. Not only does it look sexy, it feels really good and makes for a madness orgasm.


At this point, the ghosts divide most probably. With electro sex you place special electrodes on penis, testicles or nipples. These are then energized by means of rotary control. The stimulation is the absolute non plus ultra for some people, but others can not enjoy this tingling sensation at all. But if you are already excited about the performance, you will surely experience great highlights. But please decide for a high-quality device from the specialized trade, so that the thing remains harmless.


When it comes to sex toys for men, you cannot strictly speaking of a belt here, because here penis and testicles come in a kind of cage. Urination is thus still possible, but no stimulation of the sexual organs. Devote BDSM supporters often wear these magical chastity belts for extended periods of time, sometimes people wear chastity in public for days. The corresponding key to the chastity cage is with alpha partners. The impossibility to stimulate oneself is considered an erotic experience. Plus, after days of abstinence, you can probably enjoy the next sex more than usual.