Sex After Sixty: A French Guide to Loving Intimacy

Marie de Hennezel is a psychologist, psychotherapist and advisor to the French Ministry of Health on palliative care matters, and is well-known in France for her ten books about issues of ageing, which have been translated into 22 languages. Sex After Sixty came from her readers’ interest in a chapter of an earlier book, The Warmth of Your Heart Prevents Your Body from Rusting. In the introduction she offers her perspective ‘as a Frenchwoman’ (the French, naturellement, being experts in amour) wishing to herald a ‘new sexual revolution for seniors.’ She also talks about striking a balance ‘between modesty and immodesty’ in this exploration; whereas frankness, you’d imagine, might be more useful in a guide to sexuality.

De Hennezel focuses her writing and research solely on the heterosexual couple, speaking about sex solely in terms of relationship and intimacy, sharing stories of couples and lovers in their late 70s and …

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The French Really Are Different When It Comes To Extra-marital Sex

French laws on privacy afford protection to everyone — presidents and CEOs as well as secretaries and football players. But the widely-accepted rules of the affair in France also mean that players should be discreet enough for affairs to remain invisible, even to close companions and partners.

However, friends will cheerfully discuss their affairs with each other — in complete confidence of course. French people perceive their social environment as tolerant and permissive, so that they can rely on tacit (or even active) support for any affairs. Three-quarters of the French believe that their close friends would favour extramarital flings and affairs: they would certainly not seek to dissuade anyone.

Within Europe, the French have possibly the most permissive views on affairs and casual flings, which are taken for granted as something that happen throughout life, if you are lucky.

Two-thirds of Frenchmen and half of French women believe that …

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French Dating Culture and Romantic Relationships

Paris is the city of love. French is the most romantic language. And French kissing … well, it’s called French for a reason. But is the French dating culture the same as its reputation? Discover how dating in France happens, and the main differences between French and American partners. And find out how you can


Language Barriers and Cultural Differences

If you’re interested in dating a French person, you’ll have to prepare yourself for cultural differences. These can make communication and connection a little bit more difficult, but they can also add spice to the partnership.

You also have to be prepared for a language barrier. No matter how fluent you are, your French partner will definitely improve your French knowledge. You’ll learn new words, phrases, and slang that you wouldn’t have otherwise. So dating a French person is a great way to enhance your French knowledge.

Learning a …

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